Greenlane Poetry

All Saints 3pm
Bad Day
Bar des Sports, Charly-sur-Marne
Before and After the Watershed
Call to Witness
Carte Postale
Clerk of Works
Dog in the Night
Easter Saturday at Festubert
Force Nine
Forge Island
Four Chimneys
Half Empty
Homeward Bound
In Glen Howe Park
In Provence
Kilner's Bridge
Last Train
Lilac Time
Mungy Lane
new title
new title
North Line
Painting By Numbers
Per Ardua
Routine Visit
Silent Snakes
Spring Training
Students in Crookesmoor
The Don at Swinton
The Festive Season
The Runners in the Fields
The Seasons
Treatment Days
Trips to the Seaside
Up Train
Valley Mist
Weston Park
What Love Is
Winthrop Park


Call to Witness

Here is where they hit the tree
killed a carfull, spawned this board
displayed some two months back:
bright green letters standing out on black

A Serious Collision Occurred Here
(Dated- 2014)
(Phone number given)
Contact South Yorkshire Police
Were You A Witness?

This is where the lines of soldiers
horses and imported police
smashed the protest of the miners
Lied in every press release

Shameful Derision Occurred Here
(Dated- 1984)
Fully kitted amply paid
ID numbers not displayed
Contact South Yorkshire Police
Were You a Witness?

Echoes of a cheering crowd
in the distance by the Don
Here is where the singing died
later where the parents cried

Devious Revision Occurred Here
(Dated- 1989)
Official statements duly signed
connived to put all blame behind
Contact South Yorkshire Police
Were You a Witness?

Some who saw cried out unheard
at childhood of so many lost
Here when evil reared it’s head
others looked away instead

Strange Loss of Vision Occurred Here
(Dated- 2012)
Public servants lacked the will
Many in denial still
Contact South Yorkshire Police
Were You a Witness?

Brecks, Orgreave, Hillsborough and Rotherham 2014