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Kilner's Bridge

Cadeby 2012

A spit of rain is in the breeze
blossom sparse on hawthorn trees
trumpets sound and banners fly as
out of distance marching by
along the road their forbears took
they pass me by with scarce a look

Some heads bowed some heads held
high for some a tear will start
as by the banks of Don and Dearne the long line
reaches over Kilner's Bridge

Slow bells ring out ninety-one
marking those whose work was done with
darkness of eternal night
time-faded memory never would
repair the hurt of those who stood
where I now stand

Too proud to cry I look instead to crags
above the silent town where cats
and wheeling crows look down
and over Kilner's Bridge

For William Humphries, Cadeby Rescue
Team and the ninety-one lives lost in the
Cadeby Pit Disaster of June 1912